IXTROM (Information Exchange Technology for Risk Operational Management) provides intelligent and innovating solutions with a unique framework enabling interoperability, cross-agency collaboration and interconnectivity among responders to address all types of events, in real time.

IXTROM Group Inc. specializes in software engineering and development of solutions for Situational Awareness Command and Control Systems (C4ISR). The solutions address day-to-day event management, incident management, risk management, natural and manmade disasters, as well as multi-events in real time.

The Corporation supports responders with a unique and innovating framework to communicate with key officials, coordinate efforts and resources to prepare for, respond to, and recover from, while providing real time Information Situational Awareness and Common Operating Picture (COP) driven by a complete Core of Operational Management.

IXTROM is currently providing solutions, services and ongoing support to: Federal and Provincial Government; Defence and Security; Terrorism and Homeland Security; Public Safety; Municipalities; Educational Institution; Law Enforcement; Border Patrol and Port Security; Public Health and Health Care; Fire Authorities; Public Works; Insurance Services; Transportation, Airport and Railway; Private Industries and Academia from coast to coast in Canada, and in 46 countries worldwide.

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