What we do

IXTROM Group Inc. specializes in software engineering and the development of intelligent solutions for Situational Awareness Command and Control Systems (C4ISR). We provide innovative, state-of-the-art solutions with a unique framework, enabling seamless interoperability, cross-agency collaboration and enhanced interconnectivity among responders to address all types of events in real time.

We provide fully integrated operational, tactical and response systems meeting the challenges of today and achieving optimal results across multiple players and organizations for any mission. It offers operational levels with an unprecedented range of unique capabilities and a substantial increase in performance, greater reliability, outstanding efficiency, and lowering operational and sustainment costs. We help our customers to get the most value out of their investment achieving mission superiority.

Our expertise

IXTROM high performance solutions are designed to enable real-time information, strategic and tactical communication bonds, and the secure transfer of information linking participants while keeping their own rights, roles and authorities in accordance with the hierarchical chain of their organizations. This results in first-class operational efficiency ensuring mission success.

IXTROM designs complete, all-encompassing solutions which meet the demanding needs of a spectrum of sectors. While the solutions provide optimum management for daily operations, they excel most when critical decision needs to be made.

News and Events

IXTROM Featured in FrontLine Magazine

IXTROM FEATURED IN FRONTLINE MAGAZINE AS PART OF AN ONGOING DISCUSSION ON THE EVOLUTION OF DIGITALLY SIMULATED TRAINING ENVIRONMENTS. Magog, Quebec, February 7th, 2019 – In a recent article published by Front Line Magazine, IXTROM President and CEO Soledad R. Bourque...

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