about us

About Us

Ixtrom Is The Leader In Situational Awareness And Information Management Systems

IXTROM Group, Inc. (Information Exchange Technology for Risk Operational Management) is a Canadian company specializing in software engineering and in intelligent and collaborative decision support solutions, for command, control, IT and communications, information, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR), in order to prepare for and respond to any type of event in real time, and ultimately restore operations.

IXTROM is the leader in situational awareness and information management systems. We provide innovative technologies that support rapid, coordinated and safe responses to threats against your organization and your people, saving lives and protecting critical infrastructure worldwide.

We provide best-in-class real-time solutions

We offers strategic benefits over other incident-management systems, placing our focus on skills, needs, vision and unknown threats so that our clients can reach their objectives while making our country and our world a safer place to live.

We supply all participants with real-time intelligent management and situational awareness tools. We also provide international links, allowing a variety of entities to collaborate with intelligent decision-support systems.

Prepare And Act First

  • Enabling today’s emergency responders to prepare and act first
  • Innovation drives you forward
  • Our goal is our customer’s success
  • Better people – better customers – better results

Innovation Brings Forward

We Live and Breathe Technology, Innovation and Success

Technology and design is in our DNA. IXTROM is constantly striving to offer its clients solutions that are adaptable, profitable and intelligent. The period of constant change we are currently experiencing is a source of motivation for us. We are always developing, searching, testing, exploring and adapting the technology of today to cover the needs of tomorrow.

We bring best practices to an intelligent evolving framework which constantly evolves with our customers’ growth. We strive to meet and exceed their needs and escalate their success to move the organization forward.

The corporation provides state-of-the-art innovative solutions that optimize emergency response plans, maximize preparedness, reduce critical decision time, and minimize recovery time when it comes to real life events.

Our Mission

IXTROM’s mission is to improve and contribute to worldwide safety and security.

We strive to provide Situational Awareness Systems to the emergency response community, leveraging interoperability among responders and system interconnectivity to make the right decisions, the right actions, the right responses, at the right time.

Our Vision

IXTROM’s vision is to support Emergency Responders worldwide, to build a strong interoperability collaboration structure with a sound foundation of intelligent solutions and a comprehensive approach to innovating collaboration systems to be prepared for, respond to, and recover from emergencies in real time.

We empower emergency responders through rapid, effective and coordinated actions during planning, response and recovery for emergencies, major events, crisis situations and natural disasters, while providing sustainable development of innovative technologies to mitigate impacts and protect human and critical infrastructures while contributing to worldwide safety and security.


Our goal is to produce the most strategic, tactically effective, sustainable and highest value operational systems possible for our clients to excel on their missions and operations safely and successfully.

Sustainable Development of Innovative Systems

We provide systems and solutions to help emergency responders innovate, plan, perform and grow in whatever they need, for any kind the mission.


To help emergency responders worldwide

To help emergency responders worldwide build a strong foundation using a comprehensive approach to developing innovating collaboration systems. We strive to reduce and mitigate threats to protect human and critical infrastructure while contributing to worldwide safety and security.
We strive to provide Information Superiority Systems to the emergency response community and defense and security organizations, leveraging interoperability among responders and system interconnectivity, to make the right decisions, the right actions, the right responses, at the right time.

Technology Solutions

IXTROM builds world-class technology solutions for small and large organizations. We build the next-generation operational systems with an innovative framework that is flexible enough to be applied anywhere, blending virtual with real-life conditions. This innovative solution empowers emergency responders to give their best, the first time and everywhere.

We provide mission-critical enterprise solutions that works for you.

Effective Operations

Today’s overall mission and operational effectiveness is increasingly dependent upon systems with greater capabilities. This effectiveness is a key factor to every mission’s success

IXTROM is redefining a comprehensive resource management system (single resources, task forces, and strike teams), assignments, collaborative tools, supporting material, real time Command Operating Picture (COP), analytics reports and much more are available through this state-of-the-art solution, enabling you to quickly and effectively improve your organization’s preparedness. IXTROM Solutions drive performance everywhere.

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