IXTROM specializes in the engineering and development of state-of-the-art, intelligent systems to help organizations to protect their infrastructure, assess and human talents.

IXTROM’s web based systems are multi-event, multi-user, multi-agency and multi-location. IXTROM solutions enable participants to visualize, manage, consolidate and customize information. Be aware of project status, activities, assignments, gathered information from a spectrum of sources and provide consolidated reports to propel your operational activities, reducing cost and maximising your overall team performance.

Identify business opportunities without neglecting the safety of your equipment, physical facilities, assets and human resources. Perform proactive simulations and event planning allowing for the identification of existing and necessary means of protection in order to mitigate the impact of incidents that may affect the safety of employees, physical assets and the reliability of facilities.

  • Sustainability and Operational Growth
  • Strengthen Response Methods for Emergency Situations
  • Reduce Risk: Dynamic Simulations
  • Keep on Target: Objectives, Time And Team Performance

User-friendly system

IXTROM’s systems boost communications and customer loyalty by providing an intelligent platform that supports automated, dynamic, business strategies which contribute to cost reduction, secure decision making, and a rapid return on investment.

The solutions provide a real-time, interactive dashboard that optimizes time management generating a positive impact on customer experience and on levels of profitability. Business applications that help your company reach more customers and boost success with less effort and less capital invested.

A robust platform that allows your company to have greater competitiveness in ever changing markets through a suite of intelligence suite of tools.

  • A system for all type of operations
  • Instant communication via multiple channels
  • Fully prepared, trained teams
  • Accurate, Real Time information
  • Colorimetric perimeter and areas of action
  • Complete traceability of events
  • Mass or targeted notifications

Maximum results

Versatile and adaptable solutions created for emergency management, which can be used on a small or large scale in different environments. Enhance collaboration between teams and any other body involved while taking into account security protocols, the roles and responsibilities of each participant and respecting the integrity and procedures of their organizations.

Determine the strengths and weaknesses of your company during emergency measures through enhanced training methods. Improve the efficiency of procedures for real events in order to reduce risk and mitigate impacts. The safety of your work equipment, assets and physical infrastructure depend on the degree of preparedness for emergency situations. Utilize statistical and analytical reports to optimize the effectiveness of teams and learn from past experiences developing a “lessons learned” practice.

Flexible and adaptable to all kind of organizations

The solution provide a Situational Awareness Command structure based on three key organizational components that seamlessly adapt to the specific needs of each organization.

IXTROM innovative technology responds to the demands and unique needs of all type of emergencies by favoring the unification of efforts and the execution of actions based on a common management structure. The solutions prioritize communications between organizations and their key personnel, systematically carrying out the necessary actions and decisions established by control centers based on reliable, secure, real time information.

  • Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Multiagency Coordination System
  • Internal and Public Information Management System

Easily adaptable, IXTROM’s systems are designed under the concept of multi-platform, multi-site, multi-event and multi-agency capability which allows you to interact with different users simultaneously, as well as in complex environments operating 24/7/365. This is accomplished while respecting the role and responsibility of each user, allowing for a higher form of interoperability with different geographic sites and benefiting from a common operating picture (COP).

IXTROM’s systems provide organisations with business intelligence day-to-day management, business continuity planning, resource coordination, impact mitigation, notifications and emergency calls to locations stipulated by the system administrator. These locations include external sites that are not contained within the central system.

Perform dynamic and automatic procedures, send operational and tactical alerts, mobilize teams, develop prevention drills, improve customer management, enhance sales and advertising campaigns, send mass or targeted notifications messages, monitor and verify the completion of tasks, control schedules, boost quality control and much more.

The IXTROM technology allows multiple users to interact with multiple events from different locations in rapidly changing environments and provides the contextual information needed to successfully manage operations.

  • Activity control – dynamic agenda
  • Form management – performance indicators
  • Coordination and real time monitoring of resources
  • Data gathering and analysis on risks and threats
  • Evaluate events and possible impacts to the organization
  • Reduce operational periods and costs
  • Improve speed, effectiveness and profitability
  • Cultivate loyalty in your customers
  • Develop a training plan based on flexible, realistic scenarios

The key to the success of operations lies in planning but moreover on the systematic execution of actions according to an organization’s policy and procedures.

IXTROM offers you an innovative system that provides optimal interaction among users as well as complete control of multiple activities. It provides excellent visibility from different locations regardless of the distance between teams and users.

A joint vision of teams, mission, plans and projects allows for the easy distribution of tasks. IXTROM’s technology is the next generation of task and operational management systems with a user-centric approach. With the implementation of a single, ubiquitous and transparent cross-platform infrastructure, you can vastly improve the performance and results of your company.

The system provides precise and specific information to participants according to company guidelines so operations are carried out in accordance with the managerial vision. The solution provides a detailed, comprehensive view of each action taken, the maximized use of budget, the optimized use of human and material resources, and results in the most effective and productive response efforts.

The strength and fortitude of an organization are measured in the ability to perform essential operations in all conditions.

IXTROM provides an innovating process-oriented and multidisciplinary system with analytical solutions as well as methodologies that help organizations to be fully prepared in order to minimize disruptions. A direct synchronization between resources and management ensures that the organization’s priorities are met and that all operations are effectively re-established.

We deliver intelligent systems that allow each organization to perform vulnerability analysis of critical assets in order to determine the level of risk associated. Once these assets have been identified, the system favors a set of actions based on the organization’s needs in order to reduce risk through the implementation of the finest procedures and protocols.

IXTROM’s systems are designed to foster information sharing and provide each organization with precise and vital information when it counts. The system allows personnel from different locations and organizations to connect within a common objective. A centralized management system for contacts, mass data organization, procedure optimization, time management, resource monitoring, distribution methods, and much more.

Ixtrom Advantages

IXTROM’s systems are designed to foster information sharing and provide each organization with precise and vital information when it counts. The system allows personnel from different locations and organizations to connect within a common objective. A centralized management system for contacts, mass data organization, procedure optimization, time management, resource monitoring, distribution methods, and much more.

  • Safety of responders and those involved
  • Achievement of common objectives
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Real Time interoperability and communication
  • Active implementation of procedures and actions
  • Human and Material Tracking
  • Intelligent Task Assignment
  • Resource Management
  • Documentation control and intelligent library
  • Risk Management

Services and solutions


Incident Management Command And Control System

The IXINMAC2 is a mature, web based solution that provides interoperability through cross-platform technology, bringing emergency responders together and linking decision centers on a regional, national, and even worldwide level. The system is capable of concurrently alerting entities, giving all teams the vital information they need in crucial moments, and allowing personnel from a variety of different locations, organizations, and agencies to connect within a common management structure.


Simulation And Exercise Management And Awareness System

IXSIEX allows emergency responders to effectively respond to any type of event over the course of the training period, providing an intelligent platform to develop and manage simulation and drill programs with simple or complex exercises for a wide variety of missions.

Emergency responders can consult and analyze results and strategic measures. They can then determine the best methods to adopt applying a “lessons learned” practice from training sessions.


Global Massive Warning Alert Multi-mode System

IXGMAS is an innovative web-based communication and awareness system, built into the mature cross-platform incident management framework of IXTROM Group. The technology supports emergency responders to prepare for, respond to, and recover from any event while unifying communications in real time.

IXGMAS provides an advanced interactive voice response system (IVR) with capabilities far beyond any other technology.


Business Continuity And Resumption Plan System

IXBCRP is an innovative, web based solution that supports emergency management by facilitating the development of continuity and recovery planning. This technology focuses on critical business functions, risk assessments, contingency planning, recovery planning, the safety of human and material resources, and the protection of critical infrastructure. It provides an all-encompassing solution to return to full operational status through the utilization of real time information.


Intelligence Tasks And Dynamic Collaboration System

IXITDC is a situational management and awareness collaboration system providing accurate, reliable, timely and relevant information to support decision makers with a 3600 global view of activities and operations.

IXITDC is an intelligent integrated information system, enabling users to develop analysis, manage critical indicators and monitor continually all resources efficiently driving the company toward the achievement of corporate and organizational goals.


Forms Ready & Intelligent Collaboration System

IXFRICS is an innovative web based, data and information management system allowing users to create, edit, and securely share information from a single, centralized hub location. The solution provides a green and sustainable environment, standardizing procedures and protocols as well as maintaining compliance to business rules and requirements.

The solution increases return on investment (ROI) by automating workflows, optimizing business processes, and improving all procedures, forms and protocols. Accuracy is increased and duplicated efforts are avoided in turn increasing competitive advantages while fostering corporate operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Enterprise-class Video-interoperability Collaboration System

IXVIEW is an intelligent, innovative, web-based technology designed to maximize video communications through seamless interoperability and open standards. It is comprehensive and robust software that generates the infrastructure required to support face to face interaction from anywhere and anytime within a secure environment.

The technology provides unified communications by integrating multi-party video, voice and multiple file formats to offer the most advanced technology in video collaboration systems. It is a complete solution for all conferencing or virtual meeting needs.


Intelligent Marketing And Sales Management And Awareness System

IXTROM offers indispensable tools for the daily operations of modern companies, a world-class solution to succeed in national and international markets with a rapid return on investment (ROI).

IXIMS (Intelligent Marketing and Sales Awareness System) is state-of- the-art system that provides organizations with complete control and customizable options to manage and control the selling process and marketing campaigns. It enables the delivery of information to a specific and well-defined customer according to the client’s sales target needs. A user-friendly, adaptable technology that provides a platform to quickly analyze the efficacy of sales and marketing campaigns by using maps that show the locations of customers and sales teams, providing a visual picture of current operations, as well as areas where adjustments need to be made.

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