The healthcare industry is growing at an ever increasing rate with the influx of mass data sharing and a continuously aging population. Healthcare organizations need highly secure data, systems and processes to facilitate information sharing and develop the most efficient methods available. IXTROM offers complete solutions providing the perfect platform for secure data sharing and the highest form of intercommunication available.

IXTROM’s solutions enable controlled information sharing through next-generation technology, providing state of the art, management systems that simplify and unify tasks and operations. The performance of all resources is maximized by connecting disparate systems and platforms in pursuit of a common goal.

  • Develop the Most Effective Emergency Protocols
  • Reduce Impacts, Losses, and Interruptions to Business Operations
  • Strengthen Logistical and Administrative Support
  • Capitalize on Saved Time Avoiding Duplicated Efforts

Innovative, cutting-edge technology

Optimize Every Level of Operations

IXTROM provides all-inclusive and complete solutions for all healthcare service needs. Our technologies keep teams unified in pursuit of goals and share relevant information according to the roles, rights and responsibilities of users. All data is highly secure and shared with the right person, at the right time, ensuring the right result. As healthcare services gather mass data on medical advances and knowledge, the system provides a platform to extract relevant, real time information.

We engineer comprehensive, integrated, secure and ultimately the most cost-effective solutions for healthcare service providers. They allow users to design effective simulations, drills, or exercises in order to determine the best methods and strategies to respond quickly, efficiently and with shorter decision making periods. The result is skilled leadership and highly trained teams that are fully prepared for any event.


  • Real Time Monitoring and 100%Traceability
  • Complete Situational Awareness of Current Operations
  • Dynamic Operational Management System
  • Optimized Efficiency and Productivity

IXTROM develops solutions to give users full control of all incoming data. Be fully confident that information is secure yet easily accessible. Standardize communication methods and procedures with a custom approach to meet the needs of any organization. Effectively organize any size population of clients, patients, doctors, nurses and then quickly and easily contact select groups as the system provides a platform for mass communication. People may be contacted for appointments, alerts, warnings, and all sort of events.

Monitoring resources is crucial in the healthcare industry as high standards are required for the distribution of controlled products. IXTROM’s solutions provide hospitals and pharmacies with the flexibility to monitor the use of medical equipment, track and view the status of medicines, or other products. Management are provided with complete situational awareness allowing them 100% traceability of every resource, displaying the complete lifecycle of products and allowing for the optimization of processes and methods.

IXTROM’s suite of products support management through an advanced next-generation platform, providing a Common Operating Picture (COP) of events and sharing vital real time information to all participants. Interactive dashboards and maps display a multilayered, detailed, and complete overview of a situation as it happens. Build, sustain, and improve operational capability with a global view of operations.

  • Highly Secure, Sophisticated, Scalable Environment
  • Seamless Interoperability and Enhanced Intercommunication
  • Protect Critical Infrastructure, Equipment, and Employees
  • Complete Operational Management to Ensure Success

Using our expertise, we develop state-of-the-art, robust, management systems that provide support and superior situational awareness to decision makers. Our solutions enhance every level of daily operations and excel during emergency situations. They allow for rapid response, on the fly adjustments, and newly found options for supreme operational management.

IXTROM’s technologies are fully integrated, off-the-shelf solutions enabling specific, real-time information sharing and awareness in a highly dynamic environment and across multiple complex systems. Seamless interoperability is supported regardless of the distance between teams and across the diverse systems that may be used in the healthcare industry.

We specialize in interoperable systems that deliver filtered, relevant, accurate information, when and where it is needed, to accomplish goals more efficiently and help our customers get the most value out of their investment. When collaboration is required, all hospitals, managers, departments, teams, doctors, nurses, etc. are rapidly connected in a common management structure. Healthcare providers are linked and can freely share targeted information securely and efficiently while respecting the established roles and responsibilities within the organization. Our solutions provide cost effective methods for secure information storage, analysis, and distribution.

  • Complete Contact and Resource Management
  • Monitor The Full Lifecycle of Human and Material Resources
  • Determine The Finest Methods, Strategies, and Procedures
  • Utilize Supreme Interoperability and Information Sharing Options

Complete contact management

Efficient contact management is essential to healthcare service providers. Our solutions include options for the storage and organization of all information related to an organization’s contacts. Centralize all contact information to reduce material and administrative costs. Easily manage appointments, reminders, marketing updates and more with a top class solution provided by IXTROM.

Our systems allow upper management to focus on higher priorities while confident that daily operations are running smoothly and efficiently. Users can meet specific objectives, systematically analyzing data to determine the best methods and practices.

IXTROM’s systems are designed to provide teams with precise, reliable information and the most advanced management options available. They allow personnel to manage appointments, follow the lifecycle of products, assign tasks, plan projects, produce standardized forms, customize automation procedures, and also improve the quality and efficacy of processes. Product expirations can also be managed with full monitoring of each product in relation to its expiration date. A centralized management system for contacts, mass data organization, procedure optimization, time management, resource monitoring, distribution methods, and much more.

Ixtrom Advantages

  • Safety of responders and those involved
  • Achievement of common objectives
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Real Time interoperability and communication
  • Active implementation of procedures and actions
  • Human and Material Tracking
  • Intelligent Task Assignment
  • Resource Management
  • Documentation control and intelligent library
  • Risk Management
  • Operational Management
  • Critical Infrastructure Management
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Multi-event Management
  • Complete Traceability
  • Coordination of Efforts
  • Vulnerability Mitigation
  • Cost Reduction HIGH ROI
  • Training of forces
  • Highly Secure and Encrypted Data

Services and solutions


Incident Management Command And Control System

The IXINMAC2 is a mature, web based solution that provides interoperability through cross-platform technology, bringing emergency responders together and linking decision centers on a regional, national, and even worldwide level. The system is capable of concurrently alerting entities, giving all teams the vital information they need in crucial moments, and allowing personnel from a variety of different locations, organizations, and agencies to connect within a common management structure.


Simulation And Exercise Management And Awareness System

IXSIEX allows emergency responders to effectively respond to any type of event over the course of the training period, providing an intelligent platform to develop and manage simulation and drill programs with simple or complex exercises for a wide variety of missions.

Emergency responders can consult and analyze results and strategic measures. They can then determine the best methods to adopt applying a “lessons learned” practice from training sessions.


Global Massive Warning Alert Multi-mode System

IXGMAS is an innovative web-based communication and awareness system, built into the mature cross-platform incident management framework of iXTROM Group. The technology supports emergency responders to prepare for, respond to, and recover from any event while unifying communications in real time.

IXGMAS provides an advanced interactive voice response system (IVR) with capabilities far beyond any other technology.


Business Continuity And Resumption Plan System

IXBCRP is an innovative, web based solution that supports emergency management by facilitating the development of continuity and recovery planning. This technology focuses on critical business functions, risk assessments, contingency planning, recovery planning, the safety of human and material resources, and the protection of critical infrastructure. It provides an all-encompassing solution to return to full operational status through the utilization of real time information.


Intelligence Tasks And Dynamic Collaboration System

IXITDC is a situational management and awareness collaboration system providing accurate, reliable, timely and relevant information to support decision makers with a 360‎° global view of activities and operations.

IXITDC is an intelligent integrated information system, enabling users to develop analysis, manage critical indicators and monitor continually all resources efficiently driving the company toward the achievement of corporate and organizational goals.


Forms Ready & Intelligent Collaboration System

IXFRICS is an innovative web based, data and information management system allowing users to create, edit, and securely share information from a single, centralized hub location. The solution provides a green and sustainable environment, standardizing procedures and protocols as well as maintaining compliance to business rules and requirements.

The solution increases return on investment (ROI) by automating workflows, optimizing business processes, and improving all procedures, forms and protocols. Accuracy is increased and duplicated efforts are avoided in turn increasing competitive advantages while fostering corporate operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Enterprise-class Video-interoperability Collaboration System

IXVIEW is an intelligent, innovative, web-based technology designed to maximize video communications through seamless interoperability and open standards. It is comprehensive and robust software that generates the infrastructure required to support face to face interaction from anywhere and anytime within a secure environment.

The technology provides unified communications by integrating multi-party video, voice and multiple file formats to offer the most advanced technology in video collaboration systems. It is a complete solution for all conferencing or virtual meeting needs.


Intelligent Marketing And Sales Management And Awareness System

IXTROM offers indispensable tools for the daily operations of modern companies, a world-class solution to succeed in national and international markets with a rapid return on investment (ROI).

IXIMS (Intelligent Marketing and Sales Awareness System) is state-of- the-art system that provides organizations with complete control and customizable options to manage and control the selling process and marketing campaigns. It enables the delivery of information to a specific and well-defined customer according to the client’s sales target needs. A user-friendly, adaptable technology that provides a platform to quickly analyze the efficacy of sales and marketing campaigns by using maps that show the locations of customers and sales teams, providing a visual picture of current operations, as well as areas where adjustments need to be made.

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