Complete Tools for Effective Management

Retail companies require a complete view of operations in order to remain competitive in their respective markets. Monitoring the lifecycle of products, and the productivity of current methods and teams is necessary for the further development and expansion of their business. The unification of teams, tasks, and projects makes any organization excel and strengthens the image of their brand to the general public. iXTROM has the solution for all retail needs that unifies teams, monitors all products, and keeps management notified with the most accurate, real time information

Reduce Costs While Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

At IXTROM, we offer performance optimization software systems that target effective and proactive collaboration in real time. They combine planning, organization, assignments, projects, activities and tasks in the form of an interactive intelligent platform, bringing a 360° global view of a company’s operations. Our solutions are designed to optimize all procedures giving any company a distinct advantage in the market. Leverage systems that make business faster, enhance efficiency, improve capability and keep the company ahead of all competitors.

Optimal resource management

Monitor and Mobilize in Real Time

IXTROM’s technology provides a web-based geospatial platform with a Common Operating Picture (COP) that displays a multilayered, detailed, and up to date view of operations in current motion. It supports users with real-time, relevant information in a reliable, secure environment which in turn makes critical decision-making faster and easier. Human and material resources can be easily tracked and managed with a global view of operations also displaying clear performance indicators and percentages of the completion of tasks and projects.

We engineer mature, web based solutions that analyse and optimize the standards, strategies, methods and procedures at all levels of a business. This technology covers every facet of daily management, can be used to manage any kind of task, project, or event, and does so in the most user-friendly environment possible.

  • Mass Communication Capabilities
  • Scheduling and Contact Management
  • Business Continuity and Recovery Planning
  • Complete Situational Awareness

IXTROM’s multifunctional software systems connect all managers, teams, and employees and empower them with the most up to date information available. They organize and establish connections with respect to the hierarchy of an organization and generate the structure required for efficient intercommunication and interoperability. They are specifically designed to offer unprecedented flexibility in adapting to the specific needs of any company, optimizing the usage of time and delivering advanced options that were simply not possible before.

Our systems are capable of concurrently alerting all executives, business management and employees, giving them detailed, relevant information when requested. They also allow management, personnel and partners from a variety of different locations to connect within a common management structure. Seamless interoperability is supported while fostering and enhancing intercommunication allowing for rapid information sharing and on the fly adjustments when required.

IXTROM’s suite of products support management in their everyday operations, as well as in crisis situations. Our web based solutions support emergency procedures by facilitating the development of continuity and recovery planning. This technology focuses on critical business functions, risk assessments, contingency planning, recovery planning, the safety of human and material resources, and the protection of critical infrastructure.

  • Hi Interactive, User-Friendly Dashboards
  • 100% Traceability of All Resources and Actions
  • Controlled Access and Information Sharing
  • Analyse and Optimize Procedures and Processes

Mobilizing and monitoring resources is made easier with a 360° view of the current situation. Interactive dashboards give administrators complete situational awareness and the opportunity to respond to ever changing situations. Each action taken is recorded for 100% traceability allowing organizations to advance and optimize through a “lessons learned” practice. Methods and procedures are constantly improved with all data securely stored for even further analysis or development. Standardize communication methods and procedures with a custom approach to meet the needs of any organization.

IXTROM offers unique and versatile systems allowing users to automatically communicate and interact with employees, partners, clients, customers, and any other contacts. They are perfect solutions to automate any type of call or notification campaign that may be required of an organization. Mass alert any size population required for marketing campaigns, policy or procedure explanations, emergency notifications, updates and more. Our solutions allow all participants to be immediately contacted, notifying multiple stores, branches, departments, teams, clients and employees.

  • Enhance Marketing and Merchandising Strategies
  • Real Time, Detailed, Reliable Information
  • Easily Accessed, Advanced Data Analytics
  • Discover Trends, Demands, and Expectations

Client and contact management

IXTROM offers cutting-edge technology that centralizes all information related to an organization’s contacts or groups. This allows for superior scheduling management in order to organize deliveries, appointments, contact information, client documentation, invoicing, notes, and any other information related to an organization’s contacts. It streamlines communications processes reducing administrative and material costs, while enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Our systems allow upper management to focus on higher priorities while confident that daily operations are running smoothly and efficiently. Users can meet specific objectives, systematically analyzing data to determine the best methods and processes.

IXTROM technologies are designed to foster information sharing and empower teams with precise, reliable information during daily operations and emergency situations. Our centralized management systems provide contact management, mass data organization, procedure optimization, time management, resource monitoring, distribution methods, and much more. When implemented, they become the cornerstone of a business, connecting all teams, organizing them in the most efficient manner, and allowing upper management to capitalize on saved time where they can dedicate themselves to higher priorities confident that their operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

Ixtrom Advantages

  • Safety of responders and those involved
  • Achievement of common objectives
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Real Time interoperability and communication
  • Active implementation of procedures and actions
  • Human and Material Tracking
  • Intelligent Task Assignment
  • Resource Management
  • Documentation control and intelligent library
  • Risk Management
  • Operational Management
  • Critical Infrastructure Management
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Multi-event Management
  • Complete Traceability
  • Coordination of Efforts
  • Vulnerability Mitigation
  • Cost Reduction HIGH ROI
  • Training of forces
  • Highly Secure and Encrypted Data

Services and solutions


Incident Management Command And Control System

The IXINMAC2 is a mature, web based solution that provides interoperability through cross-platform technology, bringing emergency responders together and linking decision centers on a regional, national, and even worldwide level. The system is capable of concurrently alerting entities, giving all teams the vital information they need in crucial moments, and allowing personnel from a variety of different locations, organizations, and agencies to connect within a common management structure.


Simulation And Exercise Management And Awareness System

IXTROM provides a first-class simulation and exercise innovative technology enabling the military forces to generate and manage multi-level mission readiness, providing real-time situational awareness with a broad range of training capabilities, placing mission and effectiveness first to perform the full spectrum of military operations. IXSIEX is focus on task, situation and combat scenarios. A platform to simulate events of any magnitude, from information sessions to full field exercises.


Global Massive Warning Alert Multi-mode System

IXGMAS is an innovative web-based, real time communication and awareness system, built into the mature cross-platform incident management framework of the IXTROM Group. It provides direct first-line support to commanders, operators/responders and their staff to better prepare for, respond to, and recover from any operation or event.

These powerful capabilities enable organizations to quickly reach out to the key stakeholders, operators/responders or any population required in a manner which accelerates the response reaction time providing obvious benefits for operations of all types.


Business Continuity And Resumption Plan System

IXBCRP is an innovative, web based solution that supports emergency management by facilitating the development of continuity and recovery planning. This technology focuses on critical business functions, risk assessments, contingency planning, recovery planning, the safety of human and material resources, and the protection of critical infrastructure. It provides an all-encompassing solution to return to full operational status through the utilization of real time information.


Intelligence Tasks And Dynamic Collaboration System

IXITDC is a situational management and awareness collaboration system providing accurate, reliable, timely and relevant information to support decision makers with a 360‎° global view of activities and operations.

IXITDC is an intelligent integrated information system, enabling users to develop analysis, manage critical indicators and monitor continually all resources efficiently driving the company toward the achievement of corporate and organizational goals.


Intelligent Transport Command, Control & Context-information Management System

The IXITC3 solution is a transportation and logistics management system that allows shippers and 3PL (third party logistics) to have a true, real time, 360 degree view of current operational status. Comprehensive tools for superior situational awareness provide enhanced logistics options for effective loads and resource management.

IXITC3 is an advanced, integrated system that allows 3PL to streamline processes, eliminate paperwork and duplication of efforts, unify information in real time, and bring accurate execution and improved profitability. The solution supports various communication channels (Web, e-mail, fax, telephone voice or EDI) and also offers complete traceability for future review, analysis and optimization.


Forms Ready & Intelligent Collaboration System

IXFRICS is an innovative web based, data and information management system allowing users to create, edit, and securely share information from a single, centralized hub location. The solution provides a green and sustainable environment, standardizing procedures and protocols as well as maintaining compliance to business rules and requirements.

The solution increases return on investment (ROI) by automating workflows, optimizing business processes, and improving all procedures, forms and protocols. Accuracy is increased and duplicated efforts are avoided in turn increasing competitive advantages while fostering corporate operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Enterprise-class Video-interoperability Collaboration System

IXVIEW is an intelligent, innovative, web-based technology designed to maximize video communications through seamless interoperability and open standards. It is comprehensive and robust software that generates the infrastructure required to support face to face interaction from anywhere and anytime within a secure environment.

The technology provides unified communications by integrating multi-party video, voice and multiple file formats to offer the most advanced technology in video collaboration systems. It is a complete solution for all conferencing or virtual meeting needs.


Intelligent Marketing And Sales Management And Awareness System

IXTROM offers indispensable tools for the daily operations of modern companies, a world-class solution to succeed in national and international markets with a rapid return on investment (ROI).

IXIMS (Intelligent Marketing and Sales Awareness System) is state-of- the-art system that provides organizations with complete control and customizable options to manage and control the selling process and marketing campaigns. It enables the delivery of information to a specific and well-defined customer according to the client’s sales target needs. A user-friendly, adaptable technology that provides a platform to quickly analyze the efficacy of sales and marketing campaigns by using maps that show the locations of customers and sales teams, providing a visual picture of current operations, as well as areas where adjustments need to be made.

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